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Dental treatment in children requires special attention. Correct communication in the first meeting of the child with the Pediatrist will relieve child’s fears and it is important about healthy individual-patient relationship in the future.

Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry where the treatment of caries, traumas or hereditary deformations that may occur in milk and permanent teeth between 0-13 years of age and preventive dentistry treatments for newly emerging teeth.

In Pediatric Dentistry – Pedodontics to (Deciduous) milk teeth;

  • Decayed dental treatments,
  • Prosthesis to be made in case of tooth loss in children,
  • Milk tooth extraction,
  • Treatment of dental fractures caused by trauma,
  • Root canal treatments are applied.


“Baby Bottle Caries” begin in the form of chalky, white-colored white spot lesions on the surfaces close to the gums of the upper milk incisors seen in children. These dental caries affect all upper milk incisors, upper and lower first molars and lower milk canine teeth. Patient should be contacted to a dentist as soon as possible when spots are detected.Because white spot lesions have a chance to heal. With the advice of the pedodontist, these bruises can be stopped before they progress. In cases where white spot lesions are not treated, they change color to brown and become caries in time. Feeding the baby with a bottle at night, breastfeeding frequently, and drinking from the mouthpiece for a long period of time can cause early childhood bruises.

Some Preventive Methods are Applied in the Field of Pedodontics;

Fissure Cover

It is a fluid filler that covers deep and decaying fissures (gutters) on the chewing surfaces of the permanent teeth and does not allow bacteria to reach there, thus preventing caries.

With the fissure covering applications, the most prone to caries in the main teeth are taken under protection.

During the application, dentist clean the existing tooth, if there are any initial caries they will be removed. The special fluid filling is then applied to the fine grooves on the tooth surface and cured by special light.

Flor Application

Fluorine is an element that prevents tooth decay and strengthens the structure of the teeth.

Since the enamel does not fully mature when the teeth are first applied, the newly erupted teeth are generally more resistant to caries and are prone to caries formation. Fluorine protects the enamel of the tooth against acid attacks and helps to create dental caries from it. Professional surface fluoride application is a protective method that can only be applied by dentists.


In case of early tooth loss, apparatuses called placeholders are used to protect the position of the permanent tooth coming from below. The placeholders are apparatuses for preventing neighboring teeth from moving into the gravity cavity, thereby preventing the permanent tooth from either being buried or dislodged from the different location, and thus the formation of perpendicular teeth in the future. As Implant Academy, our specialist doctors provide the best treatment for your child’s teeth.