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In spite of preventive medicine practices and developing medical facilities, tooth losses occur due to tooth roots and periodontal diseases. At this point, implantology is a popular alternative treatment in today’s dentistry.

General medical literatüre described implant as structures that replace a missing organ or tissue. In dentistry, implants can be defined as biocompatible, dental root-like structures placed in bone to provide support for fixed or removable prostheses that replace the lost teeth.

Key to Implant Treatment;

OSSEOINTEGRATION is the ligament before there is any other tissue between living bone tissue and titanium. This biological event takes place at the molecular level. The healing time of the implant takes 1 to 6 months depending on the surface characteristics of the implant and the condition of the bone tissue.

Choosing a Patient Before Implant Treatment

Not all individuals are suitable candidates for implant treatment. Smoking, poor oral hygiene and existing gum diseases are the factors that decrease the success of implant treatment. Implant Akademi clinics take an honest approach to patients as to their suitability for treatment. Patient need to know that implant treatment is not a miracle. Implant treatment may result in frustration for patients when implant treatment is recommended to each patient with commercial concerns. In recent years, implant applications have become very common in our country. However, problems such as bone resuscitation, implant inflammation, and painful implant coatings have become prevalent.

Planning Implant Treatment

Planning is one of the most important factors of success. In planning process, the patient’s expectations should be taken into consideration and the prosthesis possibilities that the current bone condition should be explained to the patient. Apart from standard implant planning, it should be noted that each case may have its own specific difficulties and sensitivities.

During planning:

 A comprehensive anamnesis should be obtained,

– A thorough oral examination should be done,

–  Interocluzal distance should be checked when jaws are closed,

– The physical condition of the patient should be taken into consideration,

– Radiographic examinations of the application area should be performed,

– The results should be predicted after the application.


The factors determining success and failure in implant treatment should be evaluated as patient, dentist and implant system. Even the best implant system may fail in hands that have not practiced enough. Even the one part of success triangle fail, it effects clinical outcomes in a negative way. Our specialist dentists are giving all necessary informations about what should patients done after the implant procedures in our Çağlayan clinic.