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Orthodontic word is the combination of two Greek words ortho (smooth) and odons (tooth).

The Department of Orthodontics is a specialty of Dentistry that deals with the proper placement of teeth on the dental bones (alveolar crest) and the treatment of facial irregularities.

Nowadays, the Orthodontics department treats not only teeth but also lower and mid-face irregularities.Orthodontics examines the position of the lower and upper jaw with respect to the head base and each other also, the relations of the teeth in three dimensions.

The most important part of orthodontic treatment is diagnosis. In the first examination, the intraoral findings are combined with special X-Ray analyzes and the correct diagnosis and treatment plan will ensure that your treatment progresses well.

Orthodontic problems may start in childhood or may occur in adulthood due to problems such as tooth loss and gum disorders. Correcting these problems is not only a solution to aesthetic problem, but also important for maintaining and prolonging the life of the teeth. In ortodontic treatments; there is no age limit. Everyone can have orthodontic treatment.

Other dental problems should be solved before orthodontic treatment. Because; during treatment your teeth will become more prone to caries. Tooth cleaning is very important during orthodontic treatment. Although dental braces partially make the teeth difficult to maintain cleanliness, the necessary hygiene can be easily achieved with regular brushing. In our clinics, specialist orthodontist will tell you in detail how to brush your teeth.

How long does orthodontic treatment last?

Treatment can last from 6 months to 2 years on average. In difficult cases, the process can be more than two years. At the beginning of treatment, patients may experience pain and difficulty eating until they are accustomed to their dental braces.This situation is temporary. During treatment, patients will not be able to consume various foods so that the brackets do not break. Patient should be remembered that orthodontic treatment requires patience. When the treatment is over, you will benefit from a lifetime of treatment.

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Implant Akademi is a leading dental company in oral implantology and aesthetic dentistry. Founded by specialist dentist Dr. Özgür Öztürk to develop high quality dental treatments with affordable prices. Dr. Özgür Öztürk has an experince of more than 9000 implants placed and assisted by experienced prosthodontist specialists.

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