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Implant and Pain

Implant applications are performed under local anesthesia. Modern local anesthesias are very effective and there won’t be any pain at all. However, especially in multiple implant applications or in cases where bone is insufficient and additional surgical procedures may take more time and slight pain may be felt as anesthesia lose its effect.In such a case, additional local anesthesia solves problem.
Dental Tourism

Everyone loves to visit new places, meet new people and explore new cultures. While exploring, wouldn’t it be great to take dental treatments and save money at the same time? In this article, we will share information about dental tourism.

Dental Clinics Turkey Implant Surgery
The problem of missing teeth in dentistry is nowadays overcome with the application of dental implants. Despite a high rate of successfully integrated dental implants, there is a lot of data on implant failure due to inflammatory processes in the implant surrounding hard and soft tissues, such as peri-implantitis.
Cemented or Screw Retained Restorations
Implant supported restorations have become commonly used by physicians nowadays. However, different problems may occur in implant-supported crowns or bridges. Peri-implantitis and perimplant mucosities are at the forefront of these problems. Perimplantitis is a common complication and occurs with bone loss after the implant application.
This unique city, at the meeting point of Europe and Asia, located on both sides of the Bosphorus (Istanbul Straits) is described as a jewel by the famous French author Lamartine. Istanbul is a city of synthesis which realizes in an atmosphere of tolerance the uniting of the East and the West on the subjects of culture, art and religion, at the borders of two separate continents.
Nobel Biocare İmplant Cost

Nobel Biocare is one of a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations. Various types of implants to serve clinicians all around the world. What would be cost to treat with Nobel Biocare İmplant ? Nobel Implant Price ? Lets learn more about Nobel Implants.