About Us

Implant & Academy Clinic was established by maxillofacial surgeon Mr. Ozgur Ozturk and his wife prosthodontist Mrs. Gizem Nur Ozturk in 2013. Since they have been working with their forces to do their best. The clinic located in central Istanbul, closed to Adalet Sarayı. Implant Akademi is a world-renown dental health clinic that specializes in aesthetic dentistry and implant therapy.

Our team comprised of an experienced staff of eight highly qualified dentists, (one oral surgeon, one prosthodontist, one endodontist, one orthodontist and four general dentist) three oral hygienists and a professional support staff. Implant & Academy Clinic offers its patients a wide array of dental treatment options utilizing the most innovative treatments in dentistry.

We treat an average of 300 patients per month with the most difficult and challenging dental problems. In this way, we gained a significant advantage and routine. Thanks to the quality treatments we provide, we offer our patients the best guarantee policy. Our target is provide successful dental care to all patients and give them a nice smile. We can help for Arabic and English speakers.

The Implant & Academy clinic has been at the forefront of advanced dental care from begining , treating patients from all over the world (especially USA, Middle East, Europa) and providing them with a pleasant experience coupled with the highest standards and quality of work.

Implant & Academi missions Boutique Service & Academic Knowledge

Implant & Academy, located near the europan biggest courthouse close to historical regions, you will have a great vacation in Istanbul.

What happened in the past time?

Thousands of happy patients received treatment,

Our team has been strengthened with new specialists,

With our oral hygienists, our and patient safety has been increased,

Latest Technology modernized with new equipment,

With renovations was increased capacity and grew.

Friendly Dentists in Turkey always remain friendly for hundreds of patients from different countries.

What will happen next?

As İmplant Akademi working within our strengths we will continue to provide you with a Dental Care service.


Our specialist dentists are always ready to answer your questions!