About Us

Implant Akademi is located right next to the Palace of Justice in the center of Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded by Maxillofacial Surgery Expert Dr. Özgür Öztürk. Since its inception in 2013, Implant Akademi has been using the most advanced technology and giving boutique service at international standards. In 2017, Implant Akademi opened it’s second clinic in Levent and continues to grow.Our goals are to provide all our patients with exceptional dental care and to fulfill our patients’ expectations and dreams of having a healthy, beautiful smile.

We offer large appropriate equipment and our doctors and specialists know exactly how to help our patients get the highest quality treatment. We have 5 general dentists, 2 esthetic and prosthetic specialist, 1 oral surgeon, 2 periodontologist and 2 orthodontic specialist. On Implant Akademi we have technologicaly donated 9 dental clinic rooms, 2 oral surgery room, 2 radiology room (includes panoramic radiograph), one photograph studio and 2 sterilization room. The main core of our dental team has been working for more than 3 years together including the dentists and the dental technicians, therefore efficiency and quality have been maximized. In order to secure a good connections, we have 3 translators speaking Arabic, Russian and English fluently. Beside that, almost all our doctors can speak english and are able to good communication with the english speaking patients. We have 7 exceptionally trained dental hygienists.

We are treating on average 300 patients per month with the most difficult and challenging dental problems, therefore we have gained a significant advantage and routine against other smaller sized dental clinics. We are providing the best guarantee policy towards our patients because our ongoing quality level enables us to do so. We have just placed our 4865th dental implant successfully.


Our specialist dentists are always ready to answer your questions!