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Implant and Pain

Implant and Pain

Implant applications are performed under local anesthesia. Modern local anesthesias are very effective and there won’t be any pain at all. However, especially in multiple implant applications or in cases where bone is insufficient and additional surgical procedures may take more time and slight pain may be felt as anesthesia lose its effect.In such a case, additional local anesthesia solves problem.

Will I feel pain after implant application?

A bone and soft tissue wound occurs after implant application. This wounds pain may relieved by medications, but swelling and a wound in the mouth can cause discomfort for a while. Swelling can also be prevented by some medications but we do not recommend it for all cases since swelling is nature of healing.

Especially after complicated operations swelling and pain may be more, and could be stay up to ten days, it is also normally no need to worry. My pains did not disappear from the moment my implant was applied?The pain is expected to disappear completely after 7- 10 days following implant applications. Only mild gingival pain may remain in the wound area. Otherwise, severe pain ( pain killers do not suffice!) or full mouth bleeding may indicate a problem with your implant. We recommend that you consult your dentist.I feel pain and discomfort after placing my implants crown.Your implant has been applied, the 3-month healing process has been completed and you were comfortable during this process.

You received your implants prosthesis and after a while you started to feel pain and discomfort. You are not lonely and we can say you are lucky.

Why? There are no sensitive nerve endings around the dental implants that transmit pain, as in natural teeth. For this reason, the problems in the implants usually proceeds insidious and does not show any symptoms. But if you start to feel pain after crown placement it may be sign of a serious problem. Further complications can be prevented with some early corrections.

Tooth-like pains can be seen in implants. These late pains are usually caused by prosthesis and are due to inflammation of the gingiva. We recommend that you visit your doctor if the pain in the implant area is accompanied by bleeding when you brush your teeth. Early detection of the problem can save your implants.

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