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Ceramic Laminate Veneer

Ceramic laminate veneers

Ceramic laminate veneers are a predictable treatment option for esthetic anterior restorations. When bonded to enamel, ceramic veneers offer stable long-term results.

By using current laboratory techniques associated with a strict clinical protocol, very thin veneers can be provided with minimal loss of hard tissue. Our patients leave Dental Clinic Turkey with full smile after all Ceramic laminate veneer applications by our specialists. The current trend in restorative dentistry is preservation of the tooth structures associated with adhesive restorations.

1) For anterior dentition, treatment modalities such as direct composite resin restorations have proven to be clinically effective.
2) When used for small cavities and add-on procedures in young patients, composite resin allows for minimally invasive esthetic results. Other advantages include low costs and repairability in cases of chipping or color change.
3) Further, when indicated, composite resin can be used in conjunction with direct or indirect techniques.

Many local and foreign patiences desire the successful treatments nn Esthetic Dentistry in Turkey and Dental Clinic Turkey is very proud with the satisfied patiences leaving with the full confidence and happiness. The ultimate ceramic veneer concept offers high-quality restorations with minimal tooth preparation. This technique can be used for any case in which laminate veneers are indicated and in which the tooth substrate shows no severe shade alterations.

The lithium disilicate glass-ceramic restorations provide excellent esthetics and adequate function. When associated with careful bonding and occlusal adjustments, ultimate ceramic veneers fulfill the requirements for long- term clinical success.

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