Implant Health

The problem of missing teeth in dentistry is nowadays overcome with the application of dental implants. Despite a high rate of successfully integrated dental implants, there is a lot of data on implant failure due to inflammatory processes in the implant surrounding hard and soft tissues, such as peri-implantitis.

Dental İmplant Failure

Peri-implantitis  represents a destructive inflammatory process, in soft tissues and bone loss around an osseointegrated dental implant in function. Besides the well-known role of etiologic factors such as bacterial infections and biomechanical factors, recent studies indicate the genetic basis of peri-implantitis susceptibility.

Risk indicators associated with periodontal disease, poor oral habits, and smoking habits greatly contribute to the development of peri-implantitis. Even when exposed to similar risk factors, not all patients will develope peri-implantitis, which highlights the importance of genetic predisposition and differences between populations.

Thus, elucidating the genetic basis and identification of molecular biomarkers could be used for prediction of peri-implantitis occurrence and improved treatment and follow-up procedures in patients with dental implants. If one or more gene polymorphisms could affect the status of peri-implant tissues, genetic testing could contribute to informing patients about the potential risks.

In our Dental clinics in Turkey, our specialist dentists are ready to overcome the implant failure and other bone loss problems with the reliable and exact implant treatments to the toothless patients by the highly experienced dental surgeons.

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