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Cemented or Screw Retained Restorations:

Cemented or Screw Retained Restorations

Cemented or Screw Retained Restorations:

Implant supported restorations have become commonly used by physicians nowadays. However, different problems may occur in implant-supported crowns or bridges. Peri-implantitis and perimplant mucosities are at the forefront of these problems. Perimplantitis is a common complication and occurs with bone loss after the implant application.

Implant supported fixed restorations are divided into screw or cement retained. The form of prosthesis retention depends on the physician’s decision. Cement retained prosthesis are used with wide range due to ease of use, easy to check to occlusion , easy to adaptation and economic than screw retained implant prosthesis. Despite all these advantages, cemented implant restorations can cause problems in the future. The most important one of these problems is the residual cement in gingival crevicular. Residual cement allows accumulation of bacteria and causes peri – implant diseases.

Some scientific papers reports that % 81 of implant crowns compromises with residual cements. A succeeded dental implant has no more bone loss than 2 mm. In its first year and 0.2 mm. for the following years. Its also hard to inspect residual cement on radiograph.

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