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Nobel Biocare Implant Cost

Nobel Biocare Implant Price

Nobel Biocare is one of a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations. Various types of implants to serve clinicians all around the world. What would be cost to treat with Nobel Biocare İmplant ? Nobel Implant Price ? Lets learn more about Nobel Implants.

Nobel Biocare Implant history starts with begining of implantology.

1965 – First titanium implant

In 1965, Gösta Larsson of Gothenburg, Sweden, was an oral invalid. The very first osseointegrated dental implants, carefully placed by Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark dramatically changed his life.

After extensive clinical trials and years of additional research, Per-Ingvar Brånemark and the Swedish company Bofors went on to found Nobelpharma in 1981, which later became Nobel Biocare.

1988 – First zygomatic implants 

In 1988 Prof. Brånemark introduced zygomatic implants designed to rehabilitate the upper maxilla when severely resorbed.

Nobel Biocare Implant company offers dental implant systems as well as high-precision individualized prosthetics and CAD/CAM systems, diagnostics, treatment planning, guided surgery solutions and biomaterials.

Nobel Biocare headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and Nobel Implant shares are also listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Nobel Implant production takes place at four sites located in the United States, Sweden and Japan. Products and services are available in over 80 countries through subsidiaries and distributors.

We at dentalclinicsturkey collobrates with globally reputed companies such as Nobel Biocare Implant company. We follow latest implant techonologies with the company of Nobel Biocare. Please do not hesitate to contact us for implant treatment options.

The philosophy of Nobel Biocare Implant is built on over 65 years of continuous innovation, all stemming from Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s ground-breaking discovery of osseointegration in 1952. Since then, clinicians treat millions of patients with Nobel Implants science-backed and forward-looking solutions.

Nobel Biocare Dental implant Systems: 

Nobel Biocare offers extensive assortment of dental implants for all indications, bone types and surgical protocols, to fulfill all surgical needs and selected treatment concepts. 17 different type of dental implants avalible for diffrent oral implant cases.

Xeal Implant Abutmant and TiUltra

A new era for implant dentistry

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As many of us already know, dental implants are designed to facilitate an optimal level of Bone- implant contact. However, there’s another factor that is also of great importance for dental implant: soft tissue health.

It has been well established that, for healthy teeth, gum tissue not only stabilizes teeth, but also creates a barrier between the oral cavity and the body’s inside. The soft tissue’s role is quite similar when it comes to a dental implant.

Nobel Biocare is inviting dental professionals to join the Mucointegration ( Nobel Biocare Implant Trademark) Era with the launch of the Xeal and TiUltra surfaces.

Applied to not only implants but also abutments, these new surfaces were created to optimise tissue integration at every level for the purpose of improved implant treatment outcomes. Based on its decades-long expertise in applied anodisation technology, Nobel Biocare Implant has understood that : For optimal integration of dental implant restorations, different tissues demand different surfaces.

Xeal is the latest abutment surface from Nobel Biocare and, together with the TiUltra implant surface, marks the beginning of the Mucointegration™ era. A smooth, non-porous, nanostructured anodized surface, Xeal possesses a surface chemistry and topography that have been designed to achieve gum tissue attachment. TiUltra moderately rough, thickened titanium oxide layer implant surface is to attach bone tissue.

To achieve healthy bone – dental implant integration and long-term dental implant success, it is essential to achieve increased gum and bone tissue stability.

Please contact dental clinics Turkey for further information about this revolutionary implant surfaces.

All-on-4® treatment concept 

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In the year 1998, first tilted and immediate implant solution had been established by Nobel Biocare İmplant.  In collaboration with Dr. Paulo Maló, Nobel Biocare created a concept with tilted and immediately loaded implants – the first of its kind. The legendary All-on-4® treatment concept.

For many edentulous patients, the optimized esthetics, high stability and retention offered by a fixed restoration is an ideal solution for their dissatisfaction with the functionality and esthetics of dentures. The current expert consensus is that an implant-supported restoration should become the first choice for edentulous patients.

Since 1998, more than 150,000 people have been treated with this procedure. With longstanding use of such a well-established restorative procedure, one would be right to expect that very long-term clinical evidence of its effectiveness and safety would now be available.

Nobel Biocare Implant Cost

In Dental Clinics Turkey we are trying to give affordable prices to our implant patients. We are collobrating with world well known Implant companies to establish long term results with affordable prices.

Our Nobel Biocare İmplant cost would be a surprise for you. Please read our passage fully.

Scientific evidences of Nobel Biocare Implant

Nobel Biocare company products and solutions are well documented. To date, there are more than 2,000 publications covering Nobel Biocare Implant Company Products and solutions. Machined implants have been followed in publications for more than 25 years and TiUnite implants for up to 9 years.

Today, implant-based oral rehabilitation sets the standard of care, and Nobel Biocare Implant products are among the most documented in the world. There are more than 4400 independent scientific publications with data on Nobel İmplant solutions. Brånemark System implant has been in clinical use for over 45 years. And our moderately rough implant surface TiUnite has been documented in over 275 publications on clinical studies, with more than 13,000 patients, 42,000 implants and up to 12 years’ follow-up.

Nobel Biocare Implant Surface

İmplant surface treatment is very important regarding implant succeed. TiUnite ( Nobel implants registered surface) is accepted as a high-performance implant surface that enhances osseointegration1 – even under the most challenging conditions.2-8 It is characterized by a moderately rough, thickened titanium oxide layer with high crystallinity and osteoconductive properties leading to faster bone formation.

The TiUnite surface has been proven to help maintain implant stability achieved at placement during the critical healing phase and anchorage in the surrounding bone, compared with machined implants.

TiUnite surface design based on unparalleled scientific evidence

TiUnite is one of the most clinically researched implant surfaces on the market. Since its launch in 2000, it has been clinically documented in more than 465 publications on 382 clinical studies evaluating more than 89,500 implants, over 22,600 patients, and 11.2 years of longest mean follow-up.12

In the largest ever meta-analysis of a single implant brand,13 the TiUnite surface has set the scientific standard again, with outcomes from 4,694 clinically evaluated patients treated with 12,804 TiUnite implants reported in 106 prospective studies being analyzed.

The TiUnite implant surface demonstrated low prevalence of peri-implantitis24 at a rate comparable with other moderately rough implant surfaces.

Nobel Pearl Implant

(A metal free implant solution for restoring natural esthetics. Providing a unique alternative to titanium implants)

NobelPearl is designed to support a natural soft-tissue appearance. Its white material is especially beneficial in patients seeking best esthetic results with a thin mucosal biotype.

Nobel İmplant + Nobel Abutmant + Porcelain Crown total cost is : 800 USD.


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