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How Smoking Affect Dental Health

Effects of smoking on teeth

It is known that smoking gives lots of damage to human health. Still, so many people continue to smoke even though they are aware of the negative effects. In this article, as Dental Clinics in Turkey dentists; we will share information about how smoking affects dental health.

Everyone familiar how smoking affect people’s teeth. In time, tooth discoloration, bad breath and other dental problems may appear.

photo of teeth before and after smoking

All these effects are known by most people. But beside these results, smoking also effects the direction of the dental treatments. If the patient constantly smoking, dentists should be able to guide the patient through the treatment stages.

According to recent researches about the relation between smoking and how it effects dental health; we can see that smoking is a significant factor in the failure of dental implants.

Implant treatments in smokers are affected by the failure rates, the risk of infections as well as the bone loss. Specialist dentists can control factors and read results carefully.

Smoking is a factor that has the potential to negatively affect healing and the outcome of implant treatment.

“Nicotine is the most important element among more than 4000 potentially toxic substances in tobacco products. It is the main chemical compenent responsible for tobacco addiction and reasons of lots of diseases.”

We can observe how effective it is by comparing smokers and non-smokers using previous studies.

When we examine the results of a clinical study on this subject, we see that smokers have fewer teeth than non-smokers. Smokers had more possibility to get gum diseases, gingival withdrawal and attechtment loss between bone and tooth.

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