Implant Treatment Planning

Comprehensive planning is essential especially, on complicated implant treatments.

Biology, mechanic, aesthetics are base factors that we must consider.
The integration of the implant with the bone is a biologic event, so all biologic factors must be considered.

Poor dental care,
Uncontrolled diabetes

Chronic gingival diseases are some of the risk factors for implant treatment. The bone and gingival tissue in the area where the implant will be applied should be sufficient and convenient. If not, some supportive treatments may be performed. Like Bone and soft tissue augmentation procedures.

Biological incompatibilities may cause
An early implant loss,
Perimplant gingivitis,
bone resorption at the implant site.

On a mechanical basis, we can think of dental implants as the foundation of a building. We don’t want a weak foundation since your implants would carry prostheses for long years.

What are the mechanical complications of implants?
· Implant screw loosening
· Implant fracture
· Implants abutment fracture
· Prosthesis broke may occur.
Aesthetic and phonetic factors should also be considered during planning. Some undesirable esthetic results are very difficult to restore once the implants are applied.
· Good planning
· Good application
· Good oral hygiene
and your implants would serve for long years.