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Tooth Bleaching and Whitening

Tooth bleaching and whitening

Bleaching teeth side effects

Tooth Bleaching has become one of the most effective and well-accepted aesthetic dental treatments over the past periods.

Although there are several methods available to manage discoloured tooth, tooth bleaching and whitening has been informed to be the choice which is most desired by the patients looking for dental aesthetic improvement. Bleaching is a process in dental practice in order to make the teeth whiter. It seems as though good looks and a great smile is becoming ever more expected and important in our society.

Most people’s teeth are not a dazzling white colour which is the desired colour nowadays by them. Deciduous teeth are generally whiter than the adult tooth that follows has a slight yellow hint to it. But lots of people’s teeth become stained through some of their drinking, eating, and smoking habits. People who smoke, drinking tea, coffee, chewing of betel nut and leaf and soda generally have stained teeth causing a yellowish and brownish discolouration. Intrinsic discolouration of permanent anterior teeth is a continuing aesthetics problem for a small segment of the population.

Mainly two agents, fluoride and tetracycline, ingested during amelogenesis have long been recognised as pre-disposing factors in intrinsic staining. Conservative management, bleaching, in this kind of discolouration which is most important especially the adults and younger peoples, because of the psychological impact of the disfiguring nature of the stain, when self-image is of such importance. Over the past two decades, tooth whitening or bleaching has become one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments. It is the simple yet effective form of improving smile as well as the facial appearance.

Although results may vary depending on such factors as type of stain, age of patient, concentration of the active agent, and treatment time and frequency. The patients have reliable and long lasting tooth bleaching and whitening services by the specialist dentists at Dental clinics in Turkey. The key tooth bleaching materials are based primarily on hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide gel is applied on the tooth surface and is activated with a light source. Most people complain about the development of post bleaching sensitivity, but that doesnt last long anyway.

Recently it was seen that the use of fluoride gel did not affect the whitening efficacy of the patient. It was observed no difference between the efficacies but patients who received the placebo had higher-intensity tooth sensitivity than that of patients who received the fluoride. So application of fluoride makes better patient comfort after a successful bleaching procedure. Human teeth are polychromatic in nature. Normal colour of primary teeth is bluish white and permanent teeth are greyish-yellow, greyish-white and yellowish- white.

The colour of the teeth is determined by the translucency and the thickness of the underlying dentin and the colour of the pulp. Tooth discoloration is associated with food habit, trauma, dental anomalies such as tetracycline pigmentation and also pernicious habit like smoking, tobacco chewing. Sometime iatrogenic cause may induce to tooth discoloration such as white spot lesions one of the drawbacks of orthodontic treatment.

Despite of bleaching there are various approaches of improving tooth colour such as; polishing, composite filling, crown, veneer etc. But there are some sorts of limitation in their application.

Polishing doesnt make any result in case of intrinsic stain as well as yellow coloration of the tooth. It only removes superficial stain. On the other hand, crown, veneer, etc. is too expensive in case of generalized tooth discoloration. In case of the crown it also needs to reduction of vital tooth structure that is not desired by the patient. Composite filling also needs some tooth preparation, but it doesnt last long. As well as it is not suitable in case of generalized discoloration.

Most of the time, in the long run, it itself cause staining and sometimes it even cracks and chip off. Include all the approaches bleaching is the treatment of choice for discoloration of tooth, considering the age, fractured tooth, pre-existing cosmetic restoration, severe gingivitis or periodontitis. Because it is the simplest, time and cost effective to the patients. And the patients are better satisfied in bleaching than various alternate choices.

Previously whitening agents of various types were used to reflect the miscellaneous nature of discoloration, as an example: oxalic acid was used for the removal of iron stains associated with pulp necrosis and hemorrhage; chlorine was indicated for silver and copper stains produced in the process of amalgam-based restoration. Several studies were already done to see the efficacy of bleaching. Now a day we have more option to choose more better material for tooth whitening such as Hydrogen peroxide, Carbamide peroxide, Sodium perborate and Chlorine dioxide.

In our cases, we used hydrogen peroxide gel with proper precaution for the surrounding tissues as mentioned before. The ultimate outcome was good and patient was satisfied with their tooth whitening treatment. Anatomically the dental hard tissues are highly permeable to fluids, and fluid flows in the enamel and dentin in the interprismatic spaces and dentinal tubules, respectively. So, this bleaching agent sometime may cause tooth hypersensitivity.

To minimize this problem and being have a healthy tooth structure, we suggest to use fluoride toothpaste. The Dental Clinics in Istanbul satisfies the patients with the most suitable tooth bleaching and whitening services.


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