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Neodent Implant Costs

Neodent implant costs

Neodent Implant Price

Dental implants are widely used and are considered to be one of several treatment options that can be used to replace missing teeth. A number of implant-supported treatment options have been used successfully to replace a single tooth and multiple teeth, as well as a completely edentulous jaw.

Although dental implants have become a predictable aspect of tooth replacement in prosthodontic treatment, failures of up to 5% are still encountered.

Primary implant stability is considered to play a fundamental role in obtaining successful osseointegration. Major contributors to initial implant stability have been suggested to be implant length, diameter, surface texture and thread configuration.

Dental implants function to transfer load to surrounding biologic tissues. Loads applied to dental implants may be caharacterized in terms of five distinct.






Each factor must be carefully considered in the critical analysis of implant desgin. Implant design parameters such as implant surface, primary stability, thread configuration, body shape, and the type of bone have to be considered to obtain these objectives. The relationship that exists between these components will define the initial stability and long term succes of the implant.

Our highly experienced oral surgery specialists and prosthesis specialists  provide the most reliable and comfortable implant operations in Istanbul. We use only world leader, reliable implant companies in our clinics.

In this letter we are gonna talk about a famous implant company.

Neodent İmplant

Neodent by Straumann company

Neodent is the #1 Leader in implants in Latin America. With the support of Straumann the global leader in dental implants, Neodent is becoming a solid choice for patients who want a quality implant at an affordable price. The Neodent implants are made in Brazil under the strict quality control standards Straumann has put in place.

Neodent İmplant Scientific Publications:

Despite its affordable price, neodent brand sits on a strong scientific basement. Neodent implant brand has more than 150 published scientific article.

Please see the link below for neodent implants scientific articles:

Neodent Implant company offers 7 different types of implant for different bone types.

İmplant surface is very important for bone healing as we mentioned before. Neodent implant company has 2 different implant surface types.

Lets see the properties of neodent implant Acqua surface.

Wettability is an important component to the accessibility of an implant surface for aqueous biologic liquids like blood. Wettability plays a role that is especially clear when the interactions between hydrophilicity and characteristics like topographical and roughness are considered. The wettability characteristic is assessed by the contact angle of a drop of liquid on the surface of the implant.

An innovative surface designed for successful osseointegration: Neodent implant Aqua

In vitro analyses have shown that the Aqua surface chemical activation and the microtopography contribute to the performance of the implant surface.
These characteristics are microscopically controlled by state-of-the-art equipment which characterize the appropriate roughness levels for successful osseointegration.

Neoporos Surface is other surface treatment type. Through years of intense research and development of new technologies, Neodent has reached the current state-of-the-art process in treating the surface of its implants, the NeoPoros surface. The surface is created using an abrasive particle jet concept with controlled grain oxides, followed by acid etching creating uniform cavities in the implant surface.

Please see the Prices below:

Neodent implant + Neodent abutmanet + Crown Total Price: 500 USD Yes thats right. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to meet our globally educated and experinced oral surgeons and prosthetic specilalist.

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