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Laser microtextured or platform switch dental implants ?

Laser microtextured or platform switch dental implants

Laser microtextured or Platform switch dental implants?

Currently, dental implants are the first choice of treatment for missing teeth and satisfactory osseointegration with minimal crestal bone loss is imperative for long-term success.

Tissue level implants have been employed as a traditional collar design for many years and are widely used in implant-supported treatments. Tissue level dental implants are reliable and safe options but not convenient on esthetic demanding cases.

Marginal bone loss may occur depending on the implant collar design and the distance between the implant-abutment junction (microgap) and the crestal bone in two-piece dental implant systems.

Laser microtextured or platform switch dental implants ? These two implant collar design is a competing issue between most popular dental implant brands.

The introduction of platform switching and laser-modified microtexture at the cervical portion of dental implants has addressed this issue. However, studies have shown that in most scenarios in which these two modalities were tested and compared with one another, laser microtexture outperformed platform switching, even in cases involving a thin soft tissue profile. Beside that,  two design types ( laser microtexture and platform switching)  prevent marginal bone loss and can be work together. We recommend the implants combined with two designs.

Laser-microtextured implants show less crestal bone loss after ligature-induced peri-implantitis. They also exhibited higher bone fill when a rescue therapy was performed on all implants.

Many studies results suggest predictable outcomes with regard to marginal bone loss and success for both implants with machined and laser-microtextured collars and those with machined collars; however, bone resorption occur less with laser textured design, before and after loading. The laser-microtextured collar may provide a shallower bone resportion than machined collar implants.

Some studies also revealed that, the application of bovine-derived xenograft covered with a resorbable collagen membrane to all marginal defects around implants placed immediately after tooth extraction limits the horizontal alveolar bone resorption but not the vertical ridge resorption. The use of a Laser-Lok microtextured collar may provide more favorable conditions for the attachment of hard and soft tissues.

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