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Implant Direct Cost

Implant Direct Cost

Implant Direct Price

· Total implant treatment prices ?

· USA implant costs ?

· Turkey implant costs ?

· Total implant treatment Price ?.. These are questions we often received from you. In this letter we will talk about famous american dental implant brand and its cost;

İmplant Direct

Founded in 2006, Implant Direct tried to pioneer the dental implant industry’s value segment. In their product line there are some compatible products with the famous companies like Nobel implants, Strauman implants and Zimmer implants however Implant Direct was one of the first dental implant manufacturers to offer dentists dental implant, abutmant and gingival former in a full package.

Implant Direct manufactures its products in a state of art 45,000 square foot production facility in Thousand Oaks, California. İmplant direct branded all implants are made in USA.

Founder of the company is Gerald Niznick; for some who is considered the godfather of the Implants.

Dr. Gerald Niznick, a prosthodontist, revolutionized the implant industry with the introduction of the ScrewVent® implant (now sold by Zimmer Dental) with its patented internal connection platform that featured a lead-in bevel for lateral stability and an internal hex for insertion and accurate transfer capabilities (Niznick U.S. Patent #4,960,381). This implant abutment connection has become the cornerstone of modern implant design, licensed to eight implant companies and copied by many others following the expiration of the patent in 2007. One such replication is the lead-in bevel/internal hex of Nobel Biocare’s NobelActive™ implant. Whether the lead-in bevel is 45 degrees, as in the original Screw-Vent implant, or 8 degrees (Straumann®), 11 degrees (Astra™) or 12 degrees (NobelActive), a “conical” interface provides lateral stability, reducing the occurrence of screw loosening in comparison to butt joint connections (tri-lobe and external hex implants). The original 45-degree bevel, present in Implant Direct’s Legacy™ System, has the added advantages of increased strength and improved tactile sense forseating an abutment without the need to take an X-ray as recommended by Nobel Biocare for NobelActive.

Dr. Gerald Niznick’s many other dental implant designs are also patented. As the author I’m proud to meet him at the Implant Direct factory in the USA.

İmplant direct A Global Dental Implant Provider

Implant Direct sells in over 40 countries around the world. They sell directly to customers in Canada, Europe, and Australia and via distribution to customers in Asia, Latin America, Russia, and the Middle East.

İmplant Direct company offers 11 different kind of implant products. All these implants variety gives flexibility to practitioners for using convenient implant for convenient cases.

Implant Direct İmplant Cost ?

Yes; despite the higher USA implant costs, ‘’Dental Clinics Turkey’’ prices may be startled you;

İmplant Direct implant cots in Turkey:

İmplant Direct + Implant Direct Abutmant + Porcelain crown total cost : 600 USD

Total Implant treatment cost is 600 USD.

Please do not hesitate to ask further to our Specialists: + 90 533 658 58 93

There are different type of implant direct implant models. These three below we use most in our practice.

Legacy: Internal Hex Dental Implant

Legacy implant offers a greater range of dimensional options[1] for clinical adaptability. With the corresponding prosthetic portfolio, treat a range of indications.

In a recent study, Legacy implants have demonstrated excellent clinical success, including primary stability, minimal osseous changes in the short and intermediate time frames, a stable interface, and no loose final abutment over a five-year period[2]

[1]Compared to Zimmer Biomet Tapered Screw-Vent & Eztetic™, BioHorizons® Tapered Internal, or MIS® SEVEN implant systems

[2]Cavallaro, J. S., Jr. (2017). Analysis of a platform-switched, coronally mini-threaded, textured dental implant: 100 percent survival rate. European Journal for Dental Implantologists, 14(2), 6.

InterActive: 12 degree Conical Connection Dental Implant

The InterActive dental implant system offers implant professionals the benefits of a 12 degree conical implant connection and a balanced family of four implant diameters and two platforms.

Fixture-mounts, abutments, and prosthetic components feature a concave transgingival profile optimized for esthetic areas and designed to allow for subcrestal placement with minimal hard tissue manipulation.

The InterActive™ implant body features a straight top 1/3rd with micro-grooves to improve soft tissue attachment and microthreads to increase stability and reduce stress in the crestal bone area.

The quadruple-lead micro-threads transition to double-lead buttress threads over the bottom 2/3rds which is tapered to facilitate insertion into an undersized socket in soft bone providing compression that increases initial stability (G. Niznick: Clinical Oral Health 2000 “ Achieving Success in Soft Bone”).

The slight body taper of the apical 1/3rd further facilitates self-tapping insertion into dense bone without over-compression.

InterActive features an internal hex conical connection with a 12° bevel for compatibility with InterActive as well as Nobel Biocare’s conical connection prosthetics. InterActive prosthetics and healing components are designed with matched transgingival concave emergence profiles to shape soft tissue for improved esthetics.

SwishPlus, Tissue-level Dental Implant with Octagon Connection

The SwishPlus dental implant system features a 2-piece tissue-level dental implant with an octagon connection. The swishPlus implant is a safe option for posterior group of teeth. Swishplus implants may not be convenient on the esthetic zone by virtue of polished collar design.

Implant surfaces is very important as we mentioned before. İmplant direct brand has patented surface texture. Let’s look at the properties below.

SBM™ and SBActive™ Surface Options

SBM surface is created by using a Soluble Blast Media of Hydroxylapatite (HA) crystals to create a medium-rough texture.

İmplant Direct uses the same vendor for its SBM and HA coated surface treatments as used by Paragon Implant Company from 1992-2000 when these studies were conducted.

SBActive is a surface that has been prepared using a SBM process and then lightly coated with a layer of highly crystalline Hydroxylapatite. This results in a discontinuous surface with a medium rough texture.

İmplant Direct implant costs in Turkey:

İmplant Direct + Implant Direct Abutmant + Porcelain crown total cost : 600 USD

Total Implant treatment cost is 600 USD.



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