Clear aligning methods; an alternative to orthodontic treatments.

The front tooth group is one of the most difficult cosmetic clinical cases. Aesthetic improvement in such cases may include orthodontics and / or veneers, or full mouth rehabilitation.

Most adult patients who desire a cosmetic improvement in their intertwined dentition will not consider the traditional orthodontics. The Orthero an aligning technology system offers an alternative solution to patients who are reluctant to take orthodontic treatment. Orthero which is removable and comfortable is an individual series of clear straighteners used for orthodontic teeth migration.

Using the orthero system, a group of teeth can be corrected by dental expansion. If the patient has crowded teeth, and his/her aesthetic expectations can be achieved by orthodontic straightening and teeth whitening, then orthodontics should be considered. However, if the teeth must be elongated or disproportionate in size, then veneers are required to correct the discrepancy in the shape of the teeth after the completion of orthodontic therapy.

In many cases, a combination of orthero treatments with veneers provides an aesthetic result, avoiding the aggressive preparation of teeth that would be required if only veneers were used. Our various Dental Specialists in Istanbul always follow and apply the most recent and advanced researches in the World on their respective dental subject.

The combination of art and science is the most rewarding experience in dentistry. The presented case demonstrates how the Orthero system successfully treated the front crowding of the teeth. The patient was pleased that his smile was corrected in a relatively short time with orthero straighteners, rather than braces or a fixed prosthesis.

The orthero treatment takes some time, its approximately 12 months. In this treatment time; patient collobration with dentist is very important. All clear aligners must be used on time for the best result.

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