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Dentin hypersensitivity is a condition that affects 8–35% of the adult population. The mechanism of pain stimuli in dentin hypersensitivity, involves the movement of dentinal fluid within patent dentin tubules.

Though the mechanism of pain generation is well-accepted, the ongoing processes that maintain the patency of the dentin tubules is still subject to discussion. The etiology of dentin hypersensitivity is a multi-factorial interaction of erosion, abrasion, saliva, and biofilm/pellicle/plaque, all influencing whether demineralization occurs, exposing the dentin tubule.

Multiple therapeutic modalities are utilized to treat dentin hypersensitivity, including products designed to impede nerve conduction of the pain stimulus, products to mechanically obtund patent dentin tubules, and calcium-containing products designed to generate plugs in the tubules utilizing a remineralization mechanism.“Dentin Hypersensitivity is characterized by short, sharp pain originating from exposed dentin in response to stimuli, typically thermal, evaporative, tactile, osmotic, or chemical, and which cannot be ascribed to any other form of dental defect or pathology.”

Dentin hypersensitivity is a condition distinct from the sensitivity generated from other clinical causations, such as a cracked tooth, fractured restoration, dental caries, or microleakage. Our specialist dentists in Istanbul do their best to solve your dentin hypersensitivity problem with the most recent and advanced methods. Dentin hypersensitivity has an etiology and pathogenesis different from that of dental caries.

Hypersensitivity is closely tied to both dentinal acid erosion and abrasion. However, the protective and remineralizing nature of the dental biofilm/pellicle appears to function similarly in both dentin hypersensitivity and caries. A new generation of calcium-based therapies for dentin hypersensitivity has emerged, based on the same remineralization technologies being pursued for the prevention of caries and erosive lesions. It remains unclear as to whether the mechanism of action is primarily plugging tubules or truly remineralizing teeth.

In an effort to develop evidence of effectiveness and better determine the mechanisms of action, an agenda of additional research and publications is needed for these calcium-based therapies. Many local and foreign patiences desire the successful dentin hypersensitivity treatments in Istanbul as Dental Clinic Turkey.

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