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Dental Implant In One Day

Dental implant in one day

One day dental implants

At Implant Akademi, we pride ourselves on revolutionizing a new procedure to ensure a new installation of fixed teeth one day Fast & Fixed. This is an excellent, modern alternative for removable dentures. This alternative using in our clinics which are located in İstanbul’s different points and from our expert dentists.

The use of quick implants is also available to us to offer to you that day;

  • Moving the damaged teeth and preparing the area for treatment
  • Implantation

and temporary restoration in one day, so that they are available for that to eat at the same hour after surgery and take part in social life. Our fast implant process utilizes dental implants in order to secure complete the installation of new teeth on a fixed bridge.

Due to the angular placement of the implants, the local bone will optimally used, and even if it sounds easy, this technique performed only by implantologists with extensive experience.

In our clinics, this procedure has been performed by our 10+ years experienced Doctor Özgür Öztürk for many years.

Implant Akademi’s “Fast&Fixed” Implant Treatment

Following the initial inspection, our highly qualified implantologist Doc. Özgür Öztürk will encourage if you are suitable for dental implants, the main component of the whole process.

If we compare “Fast & Fixed” implants with traditional prostheses with associated jaw erosion; “Fast& Fixed” implants  are less invasive can still be used even after many years of wearing.

According to researches, it is known that patient’s self-confidence increase to %80 after implant treatments. Also, in addition to restoring full chewing function, dental implants improve the quality of life of the patient.

Self-confidence increases to 80%, social life intensifies, and diet changes significantly in favor of strengthening the immune system organism.

In our Levent and Çağlayan clinics in Istanbul, our experienced team accomplished more than 4865 implant case.

You can always feel free to reach our team who can speak English, Russian and Arabic. For free online consultation, write to us!


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