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Nonsurgical Dental Therapy for Diabetic Patients

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Diabetic patients with periodontal infections are at greater risk of worsening glycemic control over time compared to diabetic subjects without periodontitis.

Further, research has shown a positive effect of periodontal treatment on the glycemia levels of diabetic patients with periodontitis. Numerous treatment modalities exist for the treatment of periodontitis. Nonsurgical/nonintrusive mechanical periodontal treatment is the cornerstone of periodontal therapy and the first recommended approach for the control of periodontal infections.

Our specialist dentists in Istanbul provide the best and the most reliable and comfortable therapy to the diabetic patients according to the most advanced dental knowledge. There are great risks involved in the surgical treatment of periodontal infections in systemically unhealthy patients; therefore, sincere efforts should be made to offer a nonsurgical approach.

In addition to the normal risks of surgery, diabetic patients face additional dangers when undergoing a surgical procedure. The risks associated with diabetes and surgery are increased in accordance with age, diabetes treatment regimen, level of control, existing complications or illnesses, malnutrition, length of time with diabetes, and general physical fitness. Therefore, sincere efforts should be made to offer such patients a nonsurgical treatment approach.

The precise and the right therapy to the diabetic patients is very important and needs interdisciplinary consultation from the specialist dentists in Turkey.

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