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Aesthetics in Dentistry

Aesthetics in dentistry

Aesthetic dental treatment

The ultimate objective of aesthetics in dentistry is the creation of a beautiful smile with teeth of pleasing proportions and pleasant mutual relations of teeth in harmony with the gingiva and the patient’s face.

The difference between the subjective (patient) and objective (dental) assessment of aesthetic appearance of the teeth and the degree of satisfaction represents a very important aspect of aesthetic dental medicine. In everyday practice, it is of utmost importance for the dentist to obtain confirmatory information from patients in order to avoid failures of aesthetic treatments.

The appearance of the teeth can play a key role in developing the first impression about another person. It was established that the judgment of some personal characteristics of other people is affected by dental appearance. Physical appearance plays a key role in social interaction and smile and teeth have an important function in determining the level of attractiveness of the face. Among other things, the mouth is considered extremely important in social interaction.

Tooth color influences social perception. The results can be explained by negative beliefs about tooth decay as well as their relationship with poor oral hygiene. Tooth color is the main factor associated with the satisfaction with the aesthetics of teeth. Most patients are interested in teeth whitening to improve their looks. Prior to performing aesthetic treatment for tooth color, the dentist must ascertain and plan treatment to meet the expectations of the patient.

The use of questionnaires and written documents for ascertaining patients’ expectations has been proposed. These forms should enquire about the aspect of aesthetic treatment that is important to the patient, e.g. the color, shape, alignment of the teeth, etc. Some studies indicated the correlation between dental appearance and quality of life and general health. Aging is not necessarily associated with negative self-perception of dental appearance or tooth color.

Greater dissatisfaction with dental appearance or color in younger ages may suggest that perceived appearance is linked to cognitive factors other than social and cultural ones. The interest in dental aesthetics has increased highly over the past few decades, in both patients and dentists, and natural-looking teeth have become an important task in dentistry, especially in prosthodontics and restorative dentistry.

In females, psychological elements are the main predictors that influence subjecting to dental treatments. Understanding the prevalence of dissatisfaction with current dental appearance and desire for treatment to improve the aesthetics can be a guide for an intervention strategy to improve the aesthetics. Dental appearance satisfaction is important among young adults because judgment concerning the personal characteristics of individuals is influenced by their dental appearance in the absence of other information.

It has been reported that individuals with less dental disease are judged to be more socially competent, show greater intellectual achievement and have better psychologic adjustment. This is further supported by the fact that adults with visible dental problems are reluctant to seek employment because of their looks or damaged speech.

The knowledge and understanding of a patient’s perception of dental appearance is an important aspect of patient management that can help dentists in the planning of treatment that is acceptable to the patient and achieving the highest level of patient satisfaction.

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