Jacket Crowns

A jacket crown is a full porcelain ceramic covered crown which is used to protect the entire surface of a tooth. Crowns are an ideal way to rebuild teeth which have been broken or weakened by decay or large fillings. Crowns are fitted over the remaining part of the tooth to make it strong and give it the shape and contour of a natural tooth. Crowns may also be used to help to whiten, reshape and realign existing teeth. Jacket crowns have the translucency of a natural tooth and is often recommended for anterior teeth.

When is a Jacket Crown used?

Jacket crown is a tooth shaped protective cap which is used as a covering over a tooth that is chipped, broken or otherwise damaged to create a permanently restored, functional and aesthetic natural look to teeth.

Advantages of Jacket Crowns

These crowns and bridgework will not corrode and the normal black gum line that you might see around a porcelain fused metal crown, will not occur, because of the strong ceramic material which is used. Also the hot and cold sensations you might feel with other crowns normally do not occur because of the lack of electrical conductivity.

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