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Diagnosing Periodontal Disease

To date, the most widely accepted method for diagnosing periodontal disease or peri-implant status is based on clinical judgement after inspection of the gingival inflammation by observing bleeding upon probing of the target tissues and measuring the pocket depth. However, emerging trends in oral and periodontal diagnostic research are moving toward methods by which risk can be identified and quantified by objective measures, such as biochemical markers of disease or inflammation. The inflammatory response plays a fundamental role in oral surgery, being an essential process for repairing traumatized or infected tissues. This response can also serve as an early and objective means for monitoring health, by quantifying the biochemical markers of inflammation, even before clinical signs and symptoms are measurable. The repair of injury, and in particular the repair of a bone lesion around a dental implant, is a sequentially organized and coordinated mechanism of the body, wherein the inflammatory response is directed to remove damaged tissue and prepare the site for either regeneration or repair. Dental clinics in Turkey offer the most convenient and reliable implant treatments and much more… Since dental implants emerge from the bone toward the septic oral environment, the interactions between bacteria and host cells in the peri-implant tissues result in the release of several cytokines, depending on the nature of the bacterium and idiosyncratic host immune response. Several authors have found a close relationship between the degree of inflammation in peri-implant tissues and the various components collected from the peri-implant sulcus fluid (PISF), such as interleukin-1β, prostaglandin E2, matrix metalloproteinases, myeloperoxidase (MPO) and products of nitric oxide metabolism. In addition, the level of MPO has been shown to be a good indicator of neutrophil activity in failed periimplant sites as compared to successful endosseous dental implant sites. Thus, MPO may be a good marker of the inflammatory process and of implant failure. Some authors have suggested that MPO production is not confined to the inflamed sites, but also extends to sites that otherwise appear healthy. The toothless patients leave Dental clinics in Turkey happy and comfortable after having successful and reliable implant operations by the specialist dental surgeons… It is analyzed that the inflammatory response of the soft tissues surrounding dental implants subjected to several unfavorable conditions (ie, nonsubmerged implants inserted into fresh sockets, previously confirmed by trephine, with circumferential bone defects and without using membranes, in beagle dogs not receiving any measure of oral hygiene or soft diet). The rationale for this experimental design was to increase implant failure
rates in order to obtain an adequate subsample size for comparing the level of three highly robust inflammatory
mediators (MPO, TNF- α, and SOA) within the sites where implants were osseointegrated and those that were not. Both crestal and paracrestal biopsies of the gingiva were collected in order to test whether the inflammatory response might extend to the soft tissue of nearby regions, as has been reported elsewhere. To better understand why higher levels of certain biomarkers (mainly MPO but also TNF-α) might be elevated at sites where the implant failed in comparison with those sites where the implant survived, the main factors underlying the high failure rate and the high
peri-implant pocket depth of the surviving implants observed here should be reviewed. First, an increase in bone resorption in immediate implants in beagle dog studies has been demonstrated. In addition, the peri- implant defects created in fresh sockets generate higher marginal bone resorption. The ensuing inflammatory response of this additional trauma, added to the damage generated by the trephination per se, may be considered an additional risk factor leading to bone loss and periimplant inflammation. Furthermore, the flap elevation performed to carry out the trephination impairs the vascular supply to the healing site, in the initial phase of regeneration, hampering initial wound healing and possibly having a long-lasting effect on the dimensional reduction of the supporting bone and the concomitant inflammatory response. It also should be taken into account that the primary stability of implants was only assured by 3 mm of the apical zone of the implant, with the rest of the implant body contained within the circumferential defect. This caused the implants to have less than optimal primary stability to absorb the indirect occlusal loading exerted toward the healing abutments. Although there is no convincing causal relation between compression and bone loss, a clear relationship between high-stressed bones and bone resorption has been found. The surgeons at Dental clinics in Istanbul are highly experienced about implant operations and use the most reliable implant treatments technique with very high percentage of success to the toothless patients.

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Dental Health in Children

Dental Health in Children
Teeth symptoms:

Children usually take the upper mid-cutter teeth in short time, followed by lower mid-cut milk teeth around six months. In the next 18 – 24 months, other milk teeth are removed. By the age of two to three years, all 20 milk teeth should be removed. It is normal for children to experience moodiness during teething. Drooling from the mouth, a desire to sting something in the mouth, itching in the palate are the main signs of teeth in children. During teething, fever up to 37.5 degrees is considered normal. However, if your child suffers from tooth extraction, you should call your doctor. You can reduce the discomfort partially by gently rubbing the baby’s teeth with a clean finger or a wet gauze. A cold tooth ring can also help to relax the baby’s sensitive gums. However, it is necessary to make sure that the tooth ring is hygienic. It will relieve your child in relaxing medicines on gums recommended by your doctor.

Milk teeth can quickly rot!

Milk teeth are more prone to decay because they contain more organic matter than normal teeth. In particular, mothers often make a mistake in the pacifier or bottle, sugar, jam and so on. dipping into food such as children, which is an important factor in the decay of children’s teeth. Children cannot interpret timely signals such as cold hot sensitivity and mild pain that can be seen in the early stages of caries. They realize the event only if there is too much pain to bear, which may be too late. Parents should therefore take their children to the work physician every 6 months.

How to clean the teeth of babies?

When the baby is 6-8 months old, that is when the first teeth come out, the baby’s mouth must begin to clean. After breakfast and before going to bed at night, clean the teeth by wiping a clean gauze or gauze. The use of toothbrushes is suitable for starting at 2.5 to 3 years after the child’s back teeth are removed. Children should be given a choice of toothbrushes and a special soft-bristled toothbrush for children. Toothbrushes must be replaced within six months at the latest.

In infancy and in children up to three years of age, toothpaste should not be used. The use of toothpaste should be initiated after the age of three. The chickpeas will be enough to brush up the putty. It is important to note that effective brushing is more important than brushing. In addition, some materials to reduce the number of caries are used today. One of them is the material we call ğ fissure sealer Bun. Dental caries usually start in the so-called inin fissure ı troughs on the chewing faces of molars and small molars. The fissure sealant and the gutters are covered and the germ, food residue and so on. Prevent the start of bruising to prevent leakage. This process can be applied to permanent molar and molar teeth from the age of 6 years. Another way to prevent caries is the application of superficial fluoride to the teeth, which increases the resistance to caries.

Milk tooth caries should not be underestimated.

The bruises on the milk teeth should be treated without falling into the misconception that ıs it will be replaced by new ones Süt. Untreated milk tooth decays, pain, bad smell, chewing difficulty, etc. creates problems. Untreated tooth disorders during this period may lead to many health problems, including future distortion, jaw development, rheumatism and heart disease.

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Methods of Protecting Your Teeth from Caries

Methods of Protecting Your Teeth from Caries
Good and proper nutrition.
Regular cleaning and maintenance of your teeth.
To come to our clinic at regular intervals (every 6 months).
Do not keep your caries for a long time, clean up immediately.
Smoking and drinking alcohol.
Avoid drinking too hot, too cold drinks.
Brushing our teeth at least 2 times a day.
Use dental floss.
You should also pay attention to what you eat. Some foods are very good for your teeth, some may refute them.

Dental friendly foods that we can offer you as Kağıthane Dentist
1-Milk and dairy products: Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium. This is also very useful for teeth. Cheese also contains phosphate, it increases the flow of saliva in the mouth, provides the teeth to wash and protect the enamel, keratosis and gum disease that causes bacteria to kill .

2-Vegetables and fruits: rich in vitamin C, apples, pears, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, gum health is extremely useful for health. However, excess citrus can cause acid erosion in teeth. Vegetables containing vitamin A such as carrots, potatoes and broccoli are extremely important in the formation of tooth enamel.
In addition, fruits and vegetables clean teeth, gum massage and contribute to remain healthy.
Research has shown that onion kill many kinds of bacteria. It has been found that the strongest effect shows fresh and uncooked.

3-Meat: Vitamin D, rich in calcium and phosphorus, chicken, fish, veal, sheep makes our teeth more strong and more resistant to decay.

4-Water: Water mouth washes, cleans our mouths of various food residues, bad bad breath reduces. It also provides moisturizing of the gums.

5-Yeşilçay: Antioxidant plant components lubricate the teeth and protect the teeth by reducing the adhesion.
It is also good for bad breath because it reduces odorous microorganisms.

6-Chewing gum: chewing gum cleans teeth, makes message to the gums. It provides plenty of saliva secretion to neutralize the acid produced by bacteria.

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Tooth Fodder Foods
1-Carbohydrates, sugars, starch-containing foods, sugary and acidic beverages: Teeth of the teeth these food and beverages, cover the teeth and serve as a fuel tank for bacteria, tooth enamel with acid dissolution and therefore cause tooth decay.

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Why Implant?

The implant is the artificial tooth root which is placed in the jawbone and made of the appropriate material to regain the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth. Traditional coating is a safer and more functional alternative to bridge and palate prostheses.

Implant treatment is a more robust and reliable method than other methods.
The prostheses on the implant replace the actual teeth and thus form a natural structure.
When the missing teeth with the implant is completed, healthy teeth will not be touched.
As it adapts to the bone, it provides safe support to your teeth.
Dental implants prevent bone resorption.
Eating, talking, chewing doesn’t hurt.
Implants provide a healthier and more aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it causes a beautiful face image.
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Why Implant Academy
The success of implant treatment depends on many factors. These factors can be listed as follows.

Selection of physicians in implant treatment is very important. A rigorous examination process is required when the physician decides to implant the implant. The hasty decisions made without careful consideration will result in sad results in these highly costly studies.
Implants are produced in various sizes and structures. The choice of implants whose forms are different from each other is extremely important. The dentist should examine the jawbone and the patient’s general condition and choose the right implant. Implant failure may result from improper implant selection or overloading of the osteosynthesis.
Another important issue in the treatment of implants is the brand of implants. Many brands and structures are implanted in our country. These implants may be improperly manufactured as well as improper or poorly manufactured implants. And these implants are sold cheaper than the world market.
In case of poor quality implant material, allergic reactions, delayed recovery as a result of vascular disorders, pain triggered by the implant may be negative. However, quality titanium implants have no known side effects or allergic reactions in the human body. On the contrary, quality implants have become inseparable structures with jaw bone.

Therefore, you should be careful about this, you go to the clinic, hospital and physician should investigate. Otherwise, you can endanger your health when you say cheaply implant.

Here are all these negatives to experience the IMPLANT ACADEMY call. İMPLANT AKADEMİ, which serves in Çağlayan, is committed to providing patients with oral and dental health with the help of its expert staff, meticulous and reliable studies.

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